Coat Me Bonjour Paris Ultra Care Cuticle Nail Oil (0.30 oz)

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Product by: Bonjour Paris

Condition , moisturize and care for your nails with BONJOUR PARIS cuticle nail oil. This is a unique treatment formula which consists of a blend of various vitamins and moisturising agents that nourish dry ,damaged nails. Essentially helpful in reviving the cuticle area, maintaining the health and growth of nails. Makes cuticles and nails look healthy instantly. 4000 IU ‘s of vitamin e and f in an essential oil complex helps prevent nail problems before they start. Helps keep cuticles supple and nails resilient. Recommended to use it regularly for tempting , gorgeous nails.apply and gently massage a generous amount of oil on the nails and keep it over night. Wash with water in the morning.