Bonjour Paris Coat Me Photo Match Translucent Silicon Gel Primer, 25 gm

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Product by: Bonjour Paris

“Coat Me Bonjour Paris Photo Match Translucent Gel Primer is here to define face primer to its fullest. Let us first understand how does it work ? A primer is supposed to be applied in dots all over the face to get an even application. Coat Me Bonjour Paris Photo Match Translucent Gel Primer has a silicone based formulation, due to which just a dot of the product is sufficient for the entire face. Silicone is spreads very easily. This transparent gel makes a suitable base for application of concealer / foundation without altering their color. Non-sticky and oil –free formulation gives a no – makeup feel to the skin. Clog – free and absorbs oils such enormous quantity that it allows your skin to breathe, relax and get the translucent radiant glow all day long ! ” ********* Always start with a clean face. Recommended to use Bonjour Paris Makeup Removing Wipes, as it effortlessly takes off all dirt / grime and makeup residue. Apply small dots of the Primer over your face. Blend it well with your fingertips or a sponge in an upward motion. Start with the center of the face and work your way upwards and outwards to get the perfect coverage. Wait for a few minutes for the Primer to set before applying foundation.